Kitchen Storage & Organization

Kitchen is most important room in a home where you do most of your work. Organized and efficient workplace always makes life simpler and easier...


MYOH is the premier manufacturer of hand crafted hardware. Our designs are from different historical periods, these collections are timeless, updated classics and reproductions...

Home Accents

Our product repertory includes Cast in Style exclusive and rare collection of home accents, giftware, gardenware, hardware and kitchenware. Cast in style has a worldwide reputation...

Engineering Goods

Working with temperature, pressure and Hvac industry for more than a decade, manufacturing thermowells, thermocouple probes, immersion probes, duct housings, compression glands and machined fittings...

Home Appliances

We pride ourselves in redefining cooktop which witnessed a change from traditional standing stainless cooktops to glass. While the trade was offering cooktop as a thing to cook food on, we added style to it and...

Ergonomics derives from two Greek words: ergon, meaning work, and nomoi, meaning natural laws, to create a word that means the science of work and a person's relationship to that work. COMING SOON...


  • Exhibiting at KBIS,
    20-22 January, 2015,
    Booth number: South Hall
    / S8051.
  • Exhibiting at Interzum,
    Cologne 05-08 May, 2015,
    Hall #08.1, B056.
  • Intoduces TANDEM waste bin pull out , Self opening lid in tandem with the door opening.
  • Introduces AskewRetro, Now retrofit your existing cabinet with an option to install one shelf on top or bottom.
  • Yet another innovation on AskewSwing, An arm which can be fitted to bottom shelf and help opening shelf without bending down.


Swing Out a shelf and you have access to hard to reach corner of your kitchen , Swinging shelf and Askewed motion makes AskewSwing